Everything you need to know about claiming a moving insurance

Even when you employ reputable packers and movers, relocation is not easy. Your things are always at risk when relocating. Moving insurance is now available from packers and movers. Everyone wants to know how their personal belongings are protected in the event of loss, damage, or theft.

If you want an easy, and damage-free relocation possible, you should hire a professional packing and moving company that provides moving insurance. So, before you go any further, you need to learn a few things about relocation insurance.


What exactly is Moving Insurance?

Moving insurance is a sort of protection for your personal and business assets when you relocate from one area to another using a particular method of transportation such as road, rail, or air. It protects against theft, loss, and damage caused by mishaps such as accidents, fire, robbery, earthquakes, and explosions.

Nowadays, there are numerous varieties of relocation insurance.

Companies provide their customers with protection such as international insurance, cargo insurance, storage insurance, car transportation, and so on. It is vital to evaluate what type of insurance the firm provides before employing any packer and mover for transitions. It is critical to read all of the terms and conditions of the insurance scheme before using their services.

Charges for relocation Insurance

The basic moving insurance charges are roughly 3% of the claimed value. Customers can request a moving insurance claim for up to 80% of the declared value if their goods are lost or damaged during transit.

Moving Insurance Types

Relocation insurance is available from Packers and Movers in two forms:

Transit Insurance: This is the best moving insurance offered by the majority of moving companies. This insurance protects items from harm that occurs during transit. Damage that occurs before or after shipment will not be covered by the company. This sort of insurance protects against things like fire, explosions, and accidents.

All-Inclusive Insurance: This type of insurance covers your residential and commercial goods during the entire relocation process, from loading to unloading services. This insurance is more expensive than transit insurance because it protects everything and requires movers and packers to pay a significant sum for damage.

Documents essential when moving Insurance claim

These documents are needed to submit before you claim your relocation insurance

  • Goods invoice
  • Landing Bill
  • Details of Shipping
  • Claim form duly signed
  • Documents of the Insurance

How to claim the insurance

If you discover that your product gets damaged during relocation and delivered to you without any information.  You must request an official insurance claim from the company.

  1. First, click the most recent image of the damaged products, and then submit the old image of the goods along with the most recent images of the damaged items as evidence, as well as the other papers.
  2. The invoice for the damaged products must then be submitted.
  3. After submitting the necessary paperwork and photos to the company, along with the relocation insurance.
  4. The insurance provider will now review all of the evidence and respond to you within 7 business days after inspecting the damaged products.
  5. When the insurance company or moving business completes the examination, they will recover the damaged box or contents within the next 5 working days.
  6. If your claim is accepted, you must complete an insurance claim form and return it within 14 days. After Claiming your damaged products they will fix them, please include an invoice for the repair costs.

You must provide more proof to accept your application before it gets rejected.

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