Tips and Methods to Vet the Authenticity of the Packers and Movers in Bhubaneswar

Process and Operation of  Packers and Movers in Bhubaneswar


No matter, how well you prepare or plan everything along with a backup you are always going to face a stressful situation unless you hire authentic packers and movers company in Bhubaneswar. It is one of the best ways to have a hassle-free relocation experience. Luckily, there are many professional movers companies in Bhubaneswar who are ready to do the job for you. But the problem is which one of them is the most authentic and trustworthy. You won’t be able to find the answer to this question unless you follow all the right tips and methods.

Now here are some of the time-tested and proven techniques to select authentic packers and movers:-

  • Always cultivate the habit of taking written quotes

You should cultivate the habit of taking written quotes as it is one of the first and foremost ways to select an authentic relocation company for your purpose. There are lots of relocation companies in the market and every one of them sells their services for a price ranging from low to high. The quotes will tell you if the relocation company is offering you services at an affordable price or not. In case, you are getting a low price then make sure that there are no hidden costs involved in it to stay on the safer side. Be careful while dealing with some companies as they can give a low estimate first and once you hire them they will add extra charges for different services. That’s the reason why you have to shortlist 3-4 companies.

Talk to them and ask for written estimates for the complete relocation. Remember to avoid companies trying to settle the deal over phone calls. While dealing with a relocation company in your locality, make sure to talk with the person face to face. You should only agree with the written estimates & ignore quotes that are sent through emails or phone calls without any survey.

  • Take your own time to decide wisely

When it comes to making a decision, decide wisely and don’t try to hurry in selecting a company that falls in your line of sight because there is lots of saturation in the market. Meaning, all the relocation looks the same and claims to be the best in the market providing affordable services so take care and don’t fall for that. Just like you don’t trust a random person with your belongings, in the same way, you cannot trust a random relocation company without knowing about the company or its profile in advance. Hence conduct proper and deep research before hiring a company that meets your requirements. Hence start with checking their reviews and ratings. Besides that also start running background checks and ask for references as well as look into their years of experience in the city.

Moreover, don’t ignore negative reviews and complaints about the company from old customers available on social media platforms. There you can get a mine of information only when you read carefully.

  • Avoid the low-ball estimates at all costs

While going out to hiring the best packers and movers, you will find lots of them so, you have to be careful and avoid those companies that are quoting low prices. Some of the Packers and movers  Bhubaneswar as well as India are quite notorious and don’t play fair. They start quoting the low prices and when you fall into their trap they start giving excuses and charge you more for every service they provide you. At last, you will end up paying more. So to avoid unnecessary stress at the last minute, choose a straight path by hiring a responsible relocation company. This will ensure safe and timely relocation without any having any stress.

  • Verifying the license of the packers and movers

No one likes to follow a company blindly and fall into trouble later. The only way you can be able to authenticate Relocation services in Bhubaneswar is by checking the license that gives them the right to work and run their company legally. For proper verification, you can ask the company’s license to work and don’t hesitate to ask as you are the client and you have the right to ask about it. If they don’t have one then you can strike them out and if you can get the license on their website then make sure that the license and their registration number are not fake, fabricated, expired, or canceled.

So be firm and ask for their license to make sure your belongings are safe.

  • Go through their complaint history

Check who is a saint and who isn’t by going through their complaint history. The comments of the previous clients, as well as the ratings of the company, will tell you the whole story once you open the Google search engine and type down the name of the company. Focus on the negative comments. If one in the five shares a bitter experience on the net or the social media platforms then that is normal. Once you see and read, most of the people having the same negative experiences on a particular company that you have zeroed in then you should get alert and start avoiding the company and cancel the relocation, if you have already ordered it.

Basic tips to remember about Packers and Movers Bhubaneswar

These are some of the basics that will help you get the right mover and you can be able to avoid all the fake ones. But besides all these, you can also some right and relevant questions that will keep you safe such as:-

  • How the team is trained to shift household items?
  • The years and experience of the company in the market of packing and moving?
  • Do you have your transport facility or not? Is it suitable for carrying my belongings safely or not?

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